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Blue Line – MecVel takes care of you

  • Blue Line – MecVel takes care of you

    Blue Line – MecVel takes care of you

    Expertise and technical knowledge to create products able to support and help you during your entire life, both personally and professionally.

    Since 1987 MecVel designs and manufactures electric linear actuators, handling systems using motors, gear boxes and push tubes to convert the rotatory motion into a linear movement, allowing to lift, adjust, position, push or pull any load up to 200,000 N, offering tailored solutions for different kinds of applications.
    The range developed for the medical field is dedicated to the patient comfort and to the medical staff support in its daily activities. These products, in fact, ensure a precise positioning through an efficient and silent movement, which is a fundamental feature in the medical branch. Moreover they provide high load capacity, containing at the same time the overall dimensions. Then the customization service allows to choose among many combinations, configuring each product depending on the specific application requests.
    Linear actuators are used in incubators, X-ray machines (as orthopantomographs, c-arm and mammography machines), chairs and operating tables, but also in the „care“ field for rehab machines, motorized wheelchairs and stair lifts.
    Plus and technical details of MecVel range
    The use of a naked screw in the medical branch helps to reduce the overall size of the product, and brings to a perfect collocation inside the machine, together with a decrease in the noise generated by the system.
    The use of limit switches increases the level of control and safety, as these devices are dedicated to the monitoring of the stroke and the movement performed by the linear actuator.
    The use of the electric system leads to easy and essential connections, provides power only when required and allows a reliable control (with arrest also in intermediate positions of the stroke), generates minimum noise together with low wear and maintenance, and does not require the use of pumps, valves and tubes, excluding the risk of contamination due to oil leaks, making this system suitable for applications in sterile environments.
    To remember that care and attention given to each detail allow to ensure high performance but also long life for the product and for the whole application: each linear actuator is designed to improve and make unique every single handling.

    To discover the main products of the range dedicated to the medical field download the brochure in PDF version!

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